State-of-the-art digital accordion built with craftsmanship by Bugari Armando in Italy using traditional materials. The body is made of wood not plastic, the real keyboard is wood based with superb touch because of the presence of pallets and a normal key action along with small air holes. This makes it feel very like a high quality acoustic accordion and it is superb to play.

The sound engine is the famous Roland FR8X in a lighter and precision body designed for advanced accordionists.

By utilising blue LEDs the active sections are clearly displayed. Right hand – select from 4 buttons – accordion, orchestra 1, orchestra 2 or organ. Immediately the right hand couplers adopt the selected type and there are then 14 sounds of that type selectable via the couplers – it is as easy as that. More sounds can be layered i.e. several sounds at once, then just press more than one of the 4 buttons simultaneously and two sound sets are given e.g. accordion and orchestra one. You can press more than two at once. If you don’t like any of the selections then press and hold one of the 4 buttons pre-selected and then the couplers change the instrument on that section.

Feature list for the BugariEvo:

• 41 treble keys with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch to allow loud and quiet sounds depending on the force of key striking and end of key travel additional effects. Settings for accordion, organ, orchestra 1 and orchestra 2.

• 120 bass buttons with velocity sensitivity. Normal Stradella, 3 row bass/ 3 row chords and other bass systems selectable including free bass (play whole melodies on the left hand using minor third, Bajan, fifth, N Europe or Finnish systems). Settings for accordion, orchestral bass, orchestral chord.

• Bellows using ‘dynamic bellows behaviour’ and bellows resistance setting. Bellows curve to enable no bellows movement to sound and various settings to vary bellows movement level for sound level.

• 128 note polyphony (up to 128 notes can sound simultaneously).

• 100 accordion type sets each with 14 treble couplers. & bass and 7 chord couplers. 7 free bass registers.

• 180 orchestral sounds, 18 drum sets

• Accordion 7 octaves of registers, 5 bass, 3 chords, 2 free bass

• USB sounds uploadable

• Organ sounds 32 presets, drawbars

• 1400 user programs

• Noise simulation to match an acoustic accordion includes reed stopping growl, closing valve noise, left button noise, reed simulation.

• Special tuning settings include dry, classic, folk, American, N Europe, German, Alpine, Italian, French and Scottish. Adjustment of tuning up to plus or minus 1 semitone continuously variable in Medium reeds.

• Reverb, chorus and delay numerous types

• Rotary organ sounds, cassotto simulation

• Knobs for volume, balance, reverb, chorus, delay, effect

• Data edit functions, navigation switches, other on / off switches

• 3 chin switches (programmable), 6 function switches for bass

• Drum switch, octave, bass to treble, mute part, programmable drum, MP3 and wave player, audio loop

• MIDI in and out and added functions in MIDI

• LCD colour display, 2 x 25 watt output, 2 x 9 cm speakers, 2 tweeters

• Internal memory available for sound expansion

• Rechargeable battery 24 volt 4500 mA giving about 8 hours of use

• Connections for MIDI in and out, charger in, audio out mono or stereo, headphones

• Included AC adaptor, battery pack, owner’s manual, reference caps for bass buttons, straps, soft bag

Other external finishes and chromatic button models available to order - see Accordions Made to Order section on this website.

Type Piano - digital
Treble Keys 41
Bass buttons 120
Treble Reeds 0
Bass Reeds 0
Colour Fire special
Key finish Black pearloid
Weight 11.5kg

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Bugari Evo Haria 120 bass digital piano accordion Fire Special model

  • Brand: Bugari
  • Product Code: Bugari Haria Fire
  • Availability: Awaiting stock
  • Weight: 11.50 kg
Bugari Bugari Evo Haria 120 bass digital piano accordion Fire Special model QR Code
  • £5,999.00

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