About Us

Accordions Direct is based in Scotland and supplies new aspirational accordions and midi expansion to professional and student musicians.  

We are lead UK agents for top Italian accordion manufacturers including world renowned brand Scandalli (we are the exclusive distributor for Scandalli for the UK) and have a large number of instruments ready to send to you.

Sound quality is of utmost importance and we sell accordions with top class artisan and hand-made reeds and accordions with double tone chambers.  While we specialise in accordions with Scottish musette tuning – from the wide musette favoured by some band musicians to a milder musette currently much liked – some of our accordions are double octave tuned and any tuning can be ordered to your requirements.

We commission the manufacture of unique Italian accordions – many of our accordions are not available anywhere else.  A range of colours, decoration and sparkle finishes give a choice to suit your personal taste or for extra stage presence.

Our clients come from many countries and play in diverse styles from folk and Celtic music through to classical and jazz.  At this time, classical accordion is rising in popularity and we have accordions in stock and to order to meet this need.

We also have a range of digital accordions.  You may wish to consider a digital accordion if you require a lightweight accordion, or want to play through headphones, or to entertain with a full band sound by yourself.  The Gwerder digital accordions are lightweight and have an excellent sound set.

We can fit MIDI to your acoustic accordion to enhance the range of sounds possible from your instrument.  Our MIDI services are at the forefront of technology and use Scottish manufactured systems.  

We are located in Perth, Scotland and are open by appointment at flexible times (including evenings and weekends) to suit you.  Accordions can be viewed and tested at various locations - you can make side by side comparisons and see state of the art models.